Considerations when choosing an ideal office space

Perhaps your business is expanding and you need a new office to accommodate your growth, or maybe you’re seeking an HQ for a brand new company. Here are some important factors to consider when looking for the ideal office space.


Moving offices can be costly. How much can you afford to spend on your office premises? To calculate an accurate figure, make sure you include:

  • Rent
  • Business Rates
  • Service Charge/Maintenance
  • Deposit, if applicable
  • VAT
  • Legal costs
  • Fit out and / or interior design
  • IT and telecommunications setup
  • Removal services
  • Professional Fees

Your budget will help you to determine your choice of location and the size of the space.


Where do you want to be based? For some businesses, it’s crucial to be in the thick of it, and paying higher rent for a prime, central location is worth the investment. For others, location isn’t everything – as long as the office is reachable by public transport then its exact situation doesn’t matter. In certain sectors, likeminded businesses are clustered together in a particular location. Our guide to finding office space in London has helpful information on which areas of the capital might be best for your business.

Future growth

Choosing office premises is a long-term decision. You won’t want to move again for a while, so when selecting an office you’ll need to think about your plans for the business in the next five years. Do you plan to expand significantly and recruit more staff? If so, how will you accommodate them? You could investigate office blocks and business parks where there is potential to expand into additional units as needed.


As well as the size and location of your office, you’ll need to consider the layout that works best for you. Think about what will happen inside your premises. Is an open-plan layout better for your purposes, or do you need separate, private areas for meetings and consultations? Other than workspace, work out if you need kitchen space, storage, server rooms, breakout space or a reception area.


Whatever your business sector, a good, high-speed internet connection and functional IT infrastructure is likely to be essential. But technology isn’t just about computers and screens. Think about air conditioning, heating and air quality. Does the building have systems that help you to manage your office environment effectively?


Think about essential amenities, and ‘nice to have’ extras. The ideal office space will have both! Consider:

  • Parking and bike storage
  • Proximity to shops and eateries
  • Kitchen area, or an on-site café
  • Lifts and other accessible features
  • Natural light
  • On-site fitness facilities, showers and changing areas
  • Outdoor space

The better the amenities in your office, the happier your employees will be in the workplace.

Get help to find the right office for your business

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