Cookie Policy

What Are Cookies

Cookies are small text files stored on your device via your browser. They provide us with information about how people use our website and do not provide us with any personal information about you.

How We Use Cookies

Cookies enable us to understand and improve the user experience of visitors to They enable us to understand how many people have visited, what pages they look at and how long each visit lasted.

By using cookies, we are able to:

  • Make our site work more effectively
  • Remember settings during visits
  • Make our marketing and content more relevant
  • Improve the overall performance and page load speeds

We do not use cookies for the following:

  • To collect any personally identifiable information without your specific consent.
  • To pass data to ad networks or third parties

Permission To Use Cookies

If your browser settings are enabled to accept cookies, then we consider this and your ongoing use of our web site as permission to place cookies on your device. Should you wish to remove or disable cookies from our site you are entitled to do so. However, this may affect the user experience of our site and accessibility of content.

Third Party Software / Solutions

Our site may from time to time use third parties to provided added functionality which may also need to use cookies to provide the required level of service. This could include embedded video streaming such as Vimeo. Most of which also rely on cookies to perform effectively so disabling cookies may impact the performance of such third party solutions also. DCPC does not control how third parties implement their cookies or their cookie policy. If you have any queries, you should check the policies of these third parties directly.

Anonymous Visitor Statistics

We use cookies to build visitor stats such as volume of visitors, technology types used and site performance. We use third party analytics platform Google Analytics to determine anonymously where visitors have come from and how long they spend on the site to enable us to continuously improve our website.