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Warehouses and industrial units are available to rent in Harrow. You can use our property search function to view a selection of available premises.

Why rent warehouse space in the Harrow area?

While many businesses choose to locate their warehouses in out-of-town areas, others recognise the benefits of being close to the capital, and the commercial opportunities this can bring. Renting a warehouse in Harrow can bring the best of both worlds: located in Zone 5 on the outskirts of London, it’s cheaper than many more central locations, but it is easy to access by both road and rail.

With its proximity to London and excellent transport links, Harrow is an ideal location for businesses in every sector. A number of new residential and commercial premises are currently being built in the Middlesex town, making it a promising, up-and-coming centre for enterprise.

The London borough of Harrow is home to Harrow town centre and the historic village of Harrow on the Hill, but it also comprises a number of more industrial areas that are ideal for businesses looking for a base. Encompassing Edgware, Stanmore, Pinner, Wealdstone and Rayners Lane, the borough is a varied and thriving. From industrial estates in Wealdstone to the business parks in central Harrow, there are warehouses available to rent in multiple easily-accessible locations throughout Harrow.

The benefits of renting warehouse space

Warehouse space is vital for all sorts of business needs, from storage to manufacturing.  Business owners may wish to rent a warehouse because requirements can change as the business grows, and the flexibility of a rental agreement will allow them to adapt more quickly and easily.

If you’re not tied down to a property, you can reassess your business requirements every few years, and relocate or downsize if that’s the smartest decision for your company. Renting warehouse space within an industrial estate may allow you to expand into extra units in the same location, if and when they become available.

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Need advice on renting a warehouse?

At David Charles Property Consultants, we are experts in commercial property, including warehouse rental. Based within the London Borough of Harrow, we understand the local area and can recommend the right locations to meet your business needs, including affordable rents, the right size and layout, ample parking and good transport links.  We also advise on planning use classes to ensure the premises you are renting are suitable for the requirements of your business.

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