When you live in a block of flats or managed property, you want to make sure that the residential property maintenance is being taken care of – and that your monthly property management charges are being put to good use! Like any building, residential and commercial properties need looking after, which is why a complete property maintenance checklist should be taken seriously.

We will visit our properties on a regular basis to ensure that all is in order. We make it our job to spot any areas that look like there could potentially need work and repairing. Being proactive means saving our clients’ money in the long term.

So what is involved in both residential property maintenance and commercial property maintenance? We’ve put together our top ten list of things… check with your agent to see if they are doing this and if not – you’re in your rights to tell them they should be!

Alternatively – contact us and we’ll be happy to advise you on your property maintenance!

Our complete property maintenance checklist:

  1. External decoration– it’s good to spot any problems early, that’s why we will always look at walls and windows. Any signs of deterioration should be dealt with early to avoid unnecessary property management charges.
  2. Gutters, downpipes, soak-aways– something which sometimes goes amiss but could cause potential problems. With the rain we’ve been having – clear drainpipes are a must to avoid flooding!
  3. Garden maintenance– like many companies, we outsource our contracts and will also check on behalf of our clients that the garden is looked after, tidy and jobs being done.
  4. Dampness– issues with dampness can stack up huge costs for clients so we are always checking for early warning signs.
  5. Rubbish bin areas– it may seem a small thing, but poorly looked after bin areas cause rats – which no one likes!
  6. Internal and external lighting– the odd lightbulb may not seem major, but we ensure all our residence feel safe and the correct lighting works
  7. Lifts– It’s always good to check the lift is in working order and make sure it’s maintained correctly.
  8. Fire/ smoke/ heat detectors/ alarms– we always test alarms, it’s vital and there’s nothing more important that your safety!
  9. Clear exit routes & final exits– Again, we regularly check to ensure that in case of any fires or incidents you are able to exit the property easily.
  10. Additional H&S risks– the above are just a few of our Health and Safety checks… we check for a lot more and your property managing agent should be too.

If your residential property maintenance or commercial property maintenance is falling short, act now rather than leave it too late! Properties need to be cared for and maintained otherwise you might find your property management charges are increased to cover repairs needed!