Looking for a shop to rent in Harrow?

The London Borough of Harrow is an excellent location to find a shop to rent. As well as a busy Town Centre with retail units in shopping malls and High Street locations, Harrow is home to a number of smaller, residential areas particularly suited to convenience stores, newsagents, supermarkets, launderettes, barbers and other sought-after retail businesses.

Why businesses set up shop in Harrow!

Situated on the outskirts of London and bordering Hertfordshire to the north, Harrow is an affluent suburb on the green belt.

Home to Harrow School, the leafy and exclusive Harrow on the Hill is perhaps the most well-known part of the borough, but Harrow also boasts a busy Town Centre which is easily accessible via the Metropolitan Line and National Rail Services, with two shopping centres and a variety of other retail properties. Other thriving areas with shops to rent include Wealdstone (Bakerloo line), South Harrow (Piccadilly) and Rayners Lane (Metropolitan and Piccadilly Lines).

Where in Harrow is the right location for your business?

Consider the landscape of existing shops in Harrow

If you’re looking for a shop to rent in Harrow, you’ll need to make sure your business is a good fit with the area. The landscape of shops to rent in Harrow is healthy and diverse, with independent outlets, chains and franchises all doing well in the borough.

Choose the right geographic area for your shop within Harrow

For high-end independent specialists, shops to rent in areas such as Harrow on the Hill, Pinner and Stanmore may fit the bill. Chain stores and restaurants will find a natural home in Harrow Town Centre, while Pinner Road or Kenton are good locations for cash and carry and specialist trade outlets. Suburban parades like Belmont Circle and Shaftesbury Circle are excellent locations for convenience stores, hairdressers, beauty salons and pharmacies.

Rents and business rates in Harrow

Harrow is a relatively expensive area for retail rents, reflecting its desirability as a business location. Your rent will depend on your proximity to public transport, the potential footfall and which area of Harrow you pick. As long as you do your research, however, renting a shop in Harrow is likely to provide an excellent return on your investment.

You’ll also need to budget for business rates: find out more about business rates on the Harrow Council website.

Search for shops to rent in Harrow

Harrow has a wealth of different types of commercial property available to rent. Use our property search facility to search for shops to rent in Harrow, Harrow on the Hill, North Harrow, South Harrow, Pinner or Rayners Lane.

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Some retail businesses require a mix of different accommodation, such as a shop combined with an office or warehouse. Other business owners may be looking for a shop to rent with a flat included.

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