Commercial Property Marketing: Drones – Not Just A Toy!

The introduction of drones has been a game changer for commercial property marketing in recent years. Using drones to capture buildings is a technique that gives marketers more opportunity to showcase the properties they are selling or letting, allowing unprecedented access to exclusive views. Let’s explore how using drones could help you to sell your commercial property.

Give buyers more insight

From a marketing perspective, video footage captured by drones is so much more insightful and engaging than still images. With online estate agents offering a rich variety of commercial properties, there’s a world of choice at prospective buyers’ fingertips. In order to stand out from the crowd, your property needs to be showcased at its very best, tempting buyers or tenants to find out more. Imagery created by drones is more informative, comprehensive and attractive than traditional photography.

Aerial photography, maps and 360-degree images

Using drones for commercial property is a great way to capture aerial shots, giving useful additional information about your property and the surrounding area. You can even create an enhanced map using your aerial imagery.

In addition to outdoor aerial shots, you can capture interior views that convey the experience of walking through rooms and corridors. 360 degree images are a fantastic way to introduce interested parties to your building through high-quality visualisations, before they take the time to visit in person. Virtual experiences like this can help sift out the serious parties before they commit to enquiring about the property, saving everyone’s time and helping you to target your property marketing.

Thermal imaging

If a selling point of your commercial property is its excellent thermal performance, you can emphasise this through thermal images. Drones using thermal cameras can pinpoint warm and cold areas in the building, so it’s possible for marketers to highlight how little heat is lost from doors and windows in their thermally efficient properties.

Property surveys

The use of drones has the potential to transform the way that property surveys are conducted. With the right cameras, a drone can scan and analyse the features of your commercial property and its surroundings, gathering all the data required to create comprehensive visualisations from all perspectives.  This can then be used for marketing materials and also as valuable additional information for owners or interested parties. Drones are also used for general maintenance and inspection of buildings as they are cheaper that scaffolding and cherry pickers, allowing the discovery of issues quicker, thus speeding up the repair process.

Beyond marketing: Safety and security

Inevitably, drones will increasingly offer benefits to property owners which go far beyond their application in commercial property marketing. For example, they can be used to do jobs that are unsuitable or risky for humans; tasks like roof inspections can be carried out much more safely using a drone than by physically venturing onto the roof of a tall building.  Drones could also be put to use for extra security, patrolling the area around a building and using thermal imagery to detect and capture on camera evidence of any possible intruders.

Drones in action

The best way to understand what a difference drones can make to commercial property marketing is to see an example. Watch drone-captured video footage of a commercial property on the David Charles website.