What to do when 4G affects Freeview in your property

What to do when 4G affects Freeview in your property

There are a number of things any property owner has to maintain regularly, but their aerial isn’t probably the first thing they think of! We take for granted these days that switch on the TV and an image will appear.

You’ve no doubt heard that 4G is being rolled out across the country. Set to provide us with faster mobile broadband, but did you know that some properties might be affected? There have been concerns over Freeview not working and aerials needing to be replaced.

Luckily – we’ve seen a recent article that highlights the numbers affected might be less than anticipated. A recent test was carried out and the good news is that only 15 homes out of 22,000 homes surveyed were affected by the recent change. So, sit back, relax and watch your favourite programme.

Also they hope that due to the strong Freeview signal in London, the surrounding area will not be affected.

However if you find you are having problems with your Freeview then we would advise that in the first instance you retune your set. If you still have no Freeview then check with your neighbours, if your neighbours Freeview are working then the issue is not related to 4G. If however the neighbours are experiencing the same problem then call you Managing Agents.

If 4G has disrupted the service then at800 will supply (free of charge) an adapter which needs to be fitted to the communal system, the adapter is free however the service charge will need to cover the costs of the installation. Please note that the delivery of the adapter can take up to 7 days.

If you own a property, or block of flats there are guidelines on how to deal with any disruption caused. Simply click here to find out more at800(a 4G/Freeview specialist funded organisation)

If you have received an at800 postcard through the door, or concerned about the switch to 4G – just let us know, we will be happy to help – contact us here.

Have any other property related queries, or need help managing your portfolio, why not give us a call on 020 8866 0001. We make sure our customers are kept fully informed on any changes they need to be aware off and ensure properties are efficiently maintained.

Image courtesy of kjnnt / FreeDigitalPhotos.net