Portfolio Management

If you are looking for portfolio management services, including property investment advice, our experienced portfolio management consultants can help. Our expert team are able to take care of every aspect of managing your particular commercial or residential property portfolio – offering a bespoke service tailored to your needs.

Whether you are looking for help or guidance in buying to let, taking on a renovation project, managing your property assets or moving up the property ladder, our experienced portfolio management consultants will be able to assist you.

Buying to letImage of property in our portfolio management

Planned and researched thoroughly, buy to let is an excellent property investment opportunity for first-timers and multiple property owners alike. But the initial and ongoing financial outlay should not be underestimated. As with many things, the key to buy-to-let success is in the execution of a well-thought-out strategy. At David Charles we can assist you at every step of the way on your buy-to-let journey – starting by taking the time to talk through what you are looking for in a buy-to-let property, your existing assets, and your expectations in terms of return on investment. We’ll then help you to:

  • – find your ideal buy-to-let property or properties
  • – understand the potential financial yield from your property, with annual projections
  • – negotiate a sale and deal with conveyancing
  • – physically prepare your propert(ies) for rental
  • – find tenants, draw up rental agreements and collect your rent on time
  • – manage your property portfolio on a long-term basis.

Joel Street Farm renovation in our portfolio managementRenovation projects

Investing in the right property renovation project can be a very profitable area of portfolio management – but, before jumping in, it is important to seek expert advice about the potential legal, financial and practical implications. We’ll help you to:

  • – find suitable properties and offer advice on their potential
  • – plan your renovation project and draw up a budget and timescale
  • – sell on your renovated property when the time comes.


Commercial portfolio management

If you have a commercial property portfolio, we can offer commercial property advice  and portfolio management, covering all types of commercial property, from single commercial units to large retail and business parks. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your commercial property portfolio is taken care of. We can help you to:

  • – find the right commercial property for you, advising on suitable locations and amenities
  • – understand the expected expenditure and financial yield for your commercial property investment, with annual projections
  • – find suitable tenants to occupy your property
  • – collect rent on time and alert you when rent is unpaid
  • – maintain your commercial properties, arranging suitable renovations and repairs by reputable contractors

Residential portfolio managementResidential property in our portfolio management

If you have a residential property portfolio, we can help you to manage it, offering our expertise to ensure that your portfolio makes a profit. We’ll help you to:

  • – find suitable residential properties if you are looking to expand your portfolio, offering advice on the best investment options
  • – understand the expected income and expenditure on your residential portfolio, with annual projections
  • – find tenants for your residential properties and collect rent
  • – sell on your residential property, if you wish.

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